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Video Resources

Bardahl provides resources and video clips to assist your clientele in understanding the benefits of regular maintenance, fluids and lubricants.

Bardahl Pro Fuel System

Fuel systems can have carbon buildup affect performance. Learn about how to keep your injection system clean and operating at its peak.

Bardahl Pro Engine Oil

Engine oil protects and lubricates engine parts. Learn about Bardahl oil system treatments.

Bardahl Pro Brake System

Learn about how brake fluid is a key component of your braking system.

Bardahl Pro Cooling System

Cooling systems serve two roles; removing excess heat and protecting engine components.

Bardahl Pro Transmission

Transmissions take a lot of punishment and Bardahl transmission fluids lubricate and cool these moving parts.

Bardahl Pro Power Steering

Most power steering issues center on power steering fluid, pumps or mechanical problems.