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Fuel Induction Air Intake Cleaner (F-I-A-I-C)

Removes stubborn carbon deposits from the air intake, runners, cylinders and induction system.

The Problem

Fuel system deposits that build up in the manifold, intake valves, and combustion chamber can cause poor starting, rough idling, and hesitation when accelerating. This results in reduced fuel economy, erratic engine operation, and increased octane requirement to maintain proper operating performance.

The Solution

BARDAHL PRO® Fuel Induction Air Intake Cleaner (F-I-A-I-C) cleans the fuel induction system, including the plenum, manifold, intake valves, and combustion chamber by removing accumulated oxidative and oil residue deposits. The solution also reduces the octane requirement and need for premium-grade fuel, while still restoring power and performance. Formulation is compatible with both gasoline and ethanol blends utilizing the latest formulation of PEA. 


  • Formulated with PEA (Poly Ether Amine) fuel additive chemistry
  • Cleans the plenum, intake valves, induction system and combustion chamber
  • Improves fuel economy and enhances performance
  • Restores drivability by eliminating hard starting, rough idling, and hesitation


Introduce the product into the nearest port past the throttle body that draws the intake manifold vacuum with the Bardahl PRO Vacu-matic tool, or with a pressurized canister system designed to be used with professional-grade fuel system cleaners. Conduct the service every 15,000 miles or as recommended by a Technician. Dispose of any used or unused solution and the container in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Product & Size:
    94060 - 11 oz (325 ml)
  • UPC Code:
    0 76906 94060 3
  • Case Pack Qty/Wt:
    12 / 10 lbs