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Fuel Products

E10 & E15 Fuel Stabilizer

Stabilizes fuel during storage and disperses water.

The Problem

When gasoline and ethanol blends are stored for extended periods, it becomes unstable and causes corrosion, gum, and varnish deposits throughout the fuel system.

The Solution

BARDAHL PRO E10/E15 Fuel Stabilizer stabilizes fuel during storage, eliminates corrosion caused by ethanol blends. Prevents gum, varnish, and sludge.


  • Provides excellent fuel storage stability.
  • Protects against the harmful effects of ethanol.
  • Removes water from the fuel system.


Add contents prior to filling tank with fuel. Use with each new tank of fuel and at the end of the season or prior to any long-term storage for maximum protection. 5 oz. bottle treats 16 gallons of fuel. Dispose of any used or unused solution and container in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Product & Size:
    92030 - 5 oz (148 mL
  • UPC Code:
    0 76906 92030 8
  • Case Pack Qty/Wt:
    12 / 4.7 lbs