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Transmission System

CVT-2 Synthetic Fluid Conditioner

Enhances the performance of CVT transmission fluid to maintain efficient operation and extend component longevity.

The Problem

As CVT Fluid ages it oxidizes and deposits accumulate and build up within the system, diminishing the proper operation and longevity of the transmission. OEM extended or non-existent fluid exchange intervals may negatively impact component efficiency and lifespan.

The Solution

BARDAHL PRO® CVT Synthetic Fluid Conditioner is an effective supplement specifically formulated for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). This universal synthetic additive is compatible with both belt and chain CVT fluids. Added to the CVT unit during fluid change, it will prolong the life of the fluid and improve its ability to protect the system.


  • Enhances CVT fluids shear stability
  • Increases anti-shudder durability
  • Excellent anti-wear, oxidation, and low temperature capabilities


Add 11oz. of Synthetic CVT Conditioner at each fluid change. Do not overfill. Dispose of any used or unused solution and container in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Product & Size:
    93208 - 11 oz (325 ml)
  • UPC Code:
    0 76906 93208 0
  • Case Pack Qty/Wt:
    12 / 10 lbs