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Cooling System Products

Cooling System Quik Cool

Enhances ability of coolant to transfer heat and control overheating.

The Problem

Automotive engines can be susceptible to overheating issues during extreme summer temperatures if the proper antifreeze ratio and additive protection become diluted or diminished. This problem can be compounded by ‘stop and go’ driving, trailer towing, or other severe duty conditions. Overheating can cause the loss of coolant from the system, which can result in serious engine damage and expensive repairs.

The Solution

BARDAHL PRO® Cooling System Quik Cool is formulated to protect all modern cooling system components against rust and corrosion. When added to the cooling system it greatly improves the wetting ability of water and therefore significantly improves heat transfer capabilities. It is safe for all gasoline and diesel engines and works with all types of coolant.


  • Protects cooling system components from corrosion.
  • Improves the wetting ability of the coolant and increases heat transfer capabilities.
  • Safe to use with all systems and will not harm metal, rubber, or plastic parts.
  • Compatible with all rust inhibitors, coolant types, and anti-freeze solutions.


Allow the engine to cool and remove the radiator cap. Fill the radiator so the water level is above the core. Run the engine with the cap off until the radiator is hot. Pour the entire contents into the radiator. Replace the cap and run the engine for at least 15 minutes to circulate the solution. Leave the solution in the system to improve heat transfer and prevent corrosion. Dispose of any used or unused solution and container in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Product & Size:
    94590 - 11 oz (325 ml)
  • UPC Code:
    0 76906 94590 5
  • Case Pack Qty/Wt:
    12 / 12 lbs