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Fuel Induction Cleaner (F-I-C)

Cleans the fuel injection system, the combustion chamber and intake valves when used with appropriate delivery systems.

The Problem

Fuel Induction systems are prone to deposit formation on intake valves, fuel injectors, and inside the combustion chamber. The deposits contribute to hard starting, slow warm-up and the tendency for the engine to stall. Light weight oils are re-routed by the emissions systems onto intake valves and create stubborn deposits within the fuel system and combustion chamber. These deposits lead to knocking and pinging, reduced fuel economy and poor overall drivability.

The Solution

BARDAHL PRO® F-I-C removes deposits from the air intake system, intake valves and combustion chamber when introduced into the air intake through a vacuum line or with a canister system and s-tip adapter. Recommended for use in all gasoline vehicles. Compatible with all fuel and ethanol blends.


  • Reduces emissions and improves fuel economy
  • Formulated with PEA (Poly Ether Amine) fuel additive chemistry
  • When applied with Vacu-matic or canister tool it cleans the
  • plenum, intake valves and combustion chamber
  • Used through the fuel rail– it cleans injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers
  • Restores drivability by eliminating hard starting, rough idling and hesitation


Apply the product either through the fuel rail with a pressurized canister system and disable or loop the fuel pump, or use a Bardahl Vacumatic tool into a vacuum port. An ‘S’ Tool attached to a canister delivery system can also be used to apply the product directly to the throttle plate and into the intake manifold. Conduct the service every 15,000 miles or sooner in severe driving conditions. Dispose of any used or unused solution and the container in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Product Specifications

  • Product & Size: #94055 - 11 oz (325 ml)
    Case Pack Qty / Wt: 12 / 12 lbs
    UPC Code: 0 76906 94055 9
  • Color:
  • Viscosity:
  • Specific Gravity:
  • Flash Point:
    >55°F / >13°C


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