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Oil Consumption Guard

Reduce motor oil consumption and restore power in vehicles

The Problem

Today’s automobiles are utilizing full synthetic low viscosity oils in an effort to improve vehicle fuel economy and lengthen the time between oil change intervals. These low viscosity oils can make their way past piston rings and into the combustion chamber where they are burned and rerouted by way of the PCV or EGR valve back into the air system. This causes low oil level issues and the build-up of heavy deposits on intake and exhaust valves

The Solution

BARDAHL PRO® Oil Consumption Guard is formulated to dramatically reduce oil consumption associated with the extended length drain intervals recommended on modern automobiles. It’s superior additive package not only aids in the prevention of oil consumption, but also boosts the oils anti-wear and anti-friction capabilities. Use Oil Consumption Guard at each extended drain interval oil change (10,000 miles or greater) will help maintain proper compression, decrease deposit formation, and reduce emissions and fuel economy loss.


  • Controls excessive oil consumption - Improves high temperature lubrication
  • High Viscosity Index translates to thermal stability, guards against viscosity breakdown and has seal swell capabilities.
  • Contains Ashless additive with antioxidant, anti-wear and anti-scuff performance, along with friction reduction EP (extreme pressure) qualities.
  • Safe to use in gas or diesel engines and will not harm plastic or Teflon components
  • Compatible with all types and grades of motor oil, including synthetics.


Add at each oil change and between oil changes as needed. Pour contents into a warm crankcase prior to filling with new oil. One bottle will treat up to 5 quarts of otor oil. Dispose of any used or unused solution and container in accordance with the local, state and federal regulations.

Product Specifications

  • Product & Size: #93500 - 12oz (355 ml)
    Case Pack Qty / Wt: 12 / 11 lbs
    UPC Code: 0 76906 93500 5
  • Color:
    Light Amber
  • Viscosity:
    700 cSt. @ 100ºC
  • Specific Gravity:
  • Flash Point:
    >356°F / >180°C


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