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Hybrid Cooling System Conditioner

Enhances ability of coolant to reduce temperature, transfer heat, and maintain performance

The Problem

Hybrid engines can experience high temperatures and overheating issues due to insufficient cooling system capacity. This problem is more common during ‘stop and go” and “on and off” driving conditions. Overheating can cause the loss of coolant from the system, which can damage the engine and result in expensive repairs.

The Solution

HYBRID Cooling System Conditioner is formulated to protect all modern cooling system components against rust and corrosion. When added to the cooling system it greatly improves the wetting ability of water and therefore significantly increases its heat transfer ability. This formula does not contain silicates or borates, and is safe for all hybrid vehicles and can be used with all types of coolants.


  • Improves wetting ability of the coolant
  • Drops overall temperatures and increases heat transfer ability of the system
  • Protects cooling system components from corrosion and deposit formation
  • Compatible with all rust inhibitors, coolant types and anti-freeze solutions
  • Safe to use in hybrid engines and will not harm metal, rubber, or plastic parts


Allow engine to cool and remove radiator cap. Fill the radiator so the water level is above the core. Run the engine with cap off until the radiator is hot. Pour the entire contents into the radiator. Replace the cap and run the engine for at least 15 minutes to circulate the solution. Leave the solution in the system to improve heat transfer and prevent corrosion. Dispose of container in accordance with the local, state and federal regulations.

Hybrid Cooling System Conditioner

Product Specifications

  • Product & Size: #8132 / 12 oz (355 ml)
    Case Pack Qty / Wt: 5 / 4 lbs
    UPC Code: 30076906018321
  • Color:
  • Specific Gravity:
  • Flash Point:
    N/A (Non-Combustible)
  • pH Level:


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